Eros The Movie

Passionate. Tempted. Haunting… EROS: EMMANUEL AND ME tells the story like you like it to be told – with intensity. Hear the fulfilment in its bold detail. Watch the romance as it unfolds. Live the passion as it reveals the vulnerability, strength, and magic of true love.

The movie is based on the dramatic, real-life, love story of co-creator and co-executive producer, Armentha “Mike” Cruise, CEO of The Aspen Group, a staffing company which experienced a growth rate in revenues from $39,000 in 1988, to $11 million in 2000 to close to $50 million today.

In this lead role as “Mike” Cruise, Actress Schatar Sapphira’s output is impressive in its variety, delivering in powerful roles as seen on MTV, Vh1, BET, FOX, CBS, ABC, SKY Europe, and others. In this new role as the savvy CEO, Schatar conveys the story with accuracy of professional women who receive adoration in both the boardroom and the bedroom.

EROS: EMMANUEL AND ME is a true love story of a beautiful woman who falls in love with an extremely handsome but much younger man. As the inspiration for this movie, the real-life Armentha “Mike” Cruise is not an unknown entity.

The Real Armentha “Mike” Cruise

In April 1988, Armentha “Mike” Cruise founded Aspen Personnel Services, a human resources management and staffing company that was located in Takoma Park, Maryland. Within years of its birth, Aspen was being lauded for the rapidity of its growth and the quality of its services. Despite experiencing a number of challenges from 2008-2011, Aspen Personnel, now known as the Aspen Group, Inc., has sustained sales of more than $45 million and delivers human resources management and staffing services at sites throughout the United States as well as abroad. With a Bachelor’s from Morgan State University in Psychology, a Master’s from American University in Human Resources Management, and an honorary Doctorate from Sojourner Douglas College, her brilliant mind began developing its business savvy when she began collecting rents for her entrepreneurial mother at the age of nine. Mike Cruise has indeed, established a place for herself in the world of business. But, today, Armentha “Mike” Cruise is in the world of news for a reason outside of her business acumen.

Mike, a petite, beautiful woman whose presence can be felt the moment she enters a room, has allowed her love life to become the inspiration for the film. When queried regarding “why” she allowed her story to be told. Armentha “Mike” Cruise, President and CEO of the Aspen Group for the last 24 years, offers a simple answer, “Perhaps my story will inspire hope by letting others know that it is never too late to experience true love and that magic really does exist. We must not be afraid to take risks; living in fear, especially when we receive a gift. Seize it and simply get rid of the fences that prevent love from entering and living an enchanted life that we sometimes think is impossible to have.”

Aspen’s client base includes fortune 50 companies as well as small to mid-size organizations and associations. Under Ms. Cruises visionary leadership the company has grown from a small temporary staffing firm to a global supplier as Aspen Services the U.S. expanded its services to new industries in HealthCare, Energy and Insurance with regional offices in the Northeast, South and West Coast and has resources in Japan.

Armentha “Mike” Cruise is active in the business community and serves on several boards. She is a member of the Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, and the Women’s Leadership Board. Her other board memberships include the President’s Roundtable, The Baltimore Development Corporation and the DC Chamber of Commerce where she is an executive officer. She is also a board member of the Maryland/DC Minority Supplier Development Council, member of Morgan State University’s Corporate Alliance Board and she serves on the president’s advisory board of the Greater Baltimore Committee. Through the numerous articles about Ms. Cruise in national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Black Enterprise, INC. Magazine, Business News USA, the Washington Business Journal, and others, her example has provided encouragement and inspiration to entrepreneurs nationwide. She also believes in giving back to the community as noted by her generosity to various elementary schools and colleges such as Morgan State University and Dartmouth College.

In addition to her work with Aspen, her social outreach has spanned the Middle East and southern continents in which she hosted a delegation of International Business Women through a U.S. Department of Commerce Program where she shared information and knowledge about how to forge business relationships on a global scale. She also worked with a South African organization to help raise funds to help international children in need.

Aspen has been honored with numerous awards of recognition due to Ms. Cruise’s commitment to excellence. She was profiled in the book Women of Achievement in Maryland History, a text book for elementary to middle school aged children. She also received the Woman of Color award from the Maryland DC Minority Supplier Development Council, not to mention numerous other awards including a commendation from the Small Business Administration for Excellence in Service.

The Real Emmanuel Djambissie

Emmanuel Djambissie was born in the East Province in the village of Djampiel in the Cameroons. His tribe is the Bamileke and his language is Banfang. From early childhood, Emmanuel was business-oriented. By the age of 25, he had moved to Gabon and became the successful owner of a number of retail businesses including a women’s clothing store. Seeking to further expand his entrepreneurial talents, Emmanuel moved to the United States in 2007 where his skills in home construction and beautification led to his meeting his wife, Armentha “Mike” Cruise. Emmanuel is also a professional bodybuilder and won several of contests.

Actor and Producer Sid Burston

Eros The Movie is directed by and starring actor and producer Sid Burston. Burston is best known for his roles in Road 2 Damascus, Get Thee Behind Me! and The Deposition.

Actress Schatar Sapphira

Schatar Sapphira is an international celebrity actress, vocalist, producer & publisher. A star of the #1 hit TV shows “Flavor of Love” and “Charm School” playing the character “Hottie”, she produced “What’s Next” the TV series which aired on the SKY network in Europe. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, she publishes videos, articles, commercials, books, audio books & fully interactive HD e-learning courses. A host and guest of television programming, live streams, podcasts and live events, she spoke on a panel at UCLA, produced a television conference panel at the LA Convention Center, produced a musical at the Helen Hayes Gallery at the National Theatre and starred in 3 musicals at the John F. Kennedy Center including a 6 month National tour. Schatar completed graduate studies at the Peabody Conservatory of Music, hosted the BMA Music Awards, is a voting member of The Recording Academy (producers of the Grammy Awards), and recently presented at the Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards.

Actor Elie Haddad

Elie Haddad is a French actor seen here in the role of “Emmanuel”. Fluent in both French and English, he brings the authentic international experience to the dynamic of their relationship as seen on screen. Born in Paris, he continues to act in productions globally.