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Now Featured in the EROS Mini-Series…


In our first mini-series, EROS captures the story of co-creator of the EROS series and co-executive producer, Armentha “Mike” Cruise in the penetrating and haunting love story, Emmanuel and Me. The series will air on Punch TV network throughout the month of October.

Future EROS Mini-Series…

EROS: Emmanuel and Me Part II:

The world of business is a complex one. Emmanuel and Mike both individually and collectively seek to expand their businesses, sustain their marriage, and strengthen their spirituality.

EROS: The Last Love

When recently divorced Jeanie Mathews (Alexis) returns to the small town where she was born and bred, she never anticipated meeting the love of her life.

EROS: Girl of the Night

When he called, he was just another “John”. When he stroked her cheeks and kissed her gently upon her eyelids, he became a man with whom she could spend the rest of her life.

EROS: Lessons Learned From a Plain-Jane Woman

He was the mack-of-mack, the player-of-player and every woman who adorned his arm was movie-star beautiful. But then he met her – a plain-Jane woman who abhorred makeup, found bejeweled fingers to be boring and pretentious . But, from the moment she spoke his name, she was in love. But, how could he win her over from the handsome Adonis who loved her even more.

Share Your Story…

EROS is seeking other true stories of beautiful, requited love. If you have one or you know of someone who has such a story, please contact us.

EROS is Seeking Actors, DPs, Sound and Lighting, Technicians, Screenwriters and Other Talent. If you are interested in participating in future EROS projects, please post your photo and resume below.



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Love…The very word creates fantasies in our mind and yearning in our hearts. And yet, despite our desire for the ultimate romantic experience, we create walls and fences that prevent us from developing a relationship which fulfills us spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and intellectually for it is only when these multiple dimensions of ourselves intersect that we are able to achieve that dizzy, uplifting, and staggering love that so many of us desire.

In the television series, EROS, we seek to capture true stories about people who have known the beauty of reciprocated love. We use the mini-series format to chronicle stories of persons who love God and whose love for God has allowed them to successfully negotiate a magical and spell-binding experience with another human being.

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